„Jerry is a product guy aiming straight to the point of a question WHY?“

I’m the bridge between R&D and sales department. I’m a part of all important procedures, and I am forcing them into product evolution from the first idea until releasing and regardless whether for people or machines.

I’m a lifelong surfer and early adopter. I’m thinking in 360° about new ideas, impacts, interactions and feeding them back to the team with strong empathy. I’m protecting the team from everything unnecessary. My point of view about team-leading in the technological industry is „try each position in a team“ and that´s why my career before product management was so colorful.

„Keeping it simple!“

What we will succeed
– Fine-tune idea and important market research
– Clever technical solution and best roadmap
– Mock-up and prototyping, A/B testing and evaluating feedback
– Smart development and project management
– Release, stabilization and project evaluation


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Technical product manager of IOT platform at Y Soft Labs is my current position from 2016. Our team responsibility is designing and producing original hardware, building our own operating system based on Linux and web management for these products.

All together for our internal and also external clients. The latest work is own IOT platform for many scenarios of manufacturers with an emphasis on security, scalability, reliability and usability.


As a senior product manager and team leader between years 2010 and 2016 I was preparing a new search engine for Mapy.cz map service with new parts focused on users like:
– personalized suggestion
– trends
– history&favorite

Everything is A/B tested, analyzed, seen from the user’s perspective and also with a undisturbedly useful business model. The second generation is on the way – the instant search engine.


My last side work is Barikady.cz microsite focused on ordinary internet users, their anonymity and security like search tracking, encryption, mobile devices, routers, etc.


Over the years (2000-2017) I have worked in many roles, from an occasional speaker and author of articles, employee, co-founder or technical and product consultant.